Frequently Asked Questions

Can I download listings from your site to create mailing lists?
No. The information on our website is copyrighted and cannot be used for list generation purposes.
Can you help me find this listing?
All of our directory assistance tools are available exclusively online. To improve your search success, you can broaden your searches by entering fewer criteria. Here are a few tips:

Business Search
Use few words of a business name or a category with a city. Or use a province/territory abbreviation or name for a province/territory-wide search or leave the location field empty to search nationwide.

Reverse Phone Lookup
Enter a 10-digit phone number.

Non-published records, cell phone records, apartment numbers, fax numbers and e-mail addresses are not provided and are not displayed.
Do you have a search by fax/cell phone numbers?
Currently we do not have specific searches by fax or cell number. Although we do have some fax numbers in our directory, some companies do not want to have their fax numbers listed. Cell phone numbers are highly regulated and more privatized, and not available to online directories.
How do I add/update/remove a business listing?
Use our self-serve tool that allows business owners and users to update/add or remove business listings: Add / Update a Business Listing.
Looking for API access?
Contact data-api (at)
How do I find a listing if I don't know the name of the business?
We have a reverse lookup option available for searching by phone number. Click on reverse lookup and type in the phone number of the listing you are looking for. Or you can find businesses by their category or services provided, i.e. General Contractor, Electrical Contractor, Plumber, Lawyer, etc.
How do I search for government listings?
Government listings can be found in the business listings section. Click on the Business Search tab and enter the government office keyword. Include City, Province/Territory or Postal Code information and click "Find".
How do I search for toll-free numbers?
Toll-free numbers can be found in the business listings section. Click on the Business Search tab and search for a business via type (e.g. "coffee houses") or name (e.g. "Starbucks"). If available, toll-free numbers will be included in the business listing details.
How fresh is your business data and how often is it updated?
All telecommunication companies update their listings once every year, so most online directories are about 12-15 months from current. We continuously publish updates from our customers throughout the year to update individual records quickly.
How fresh is your real estate data and how often is it updated?
We update real estate listings multiple times a day.
I cannot find the listing I want, how can I find it?
Try searching for business type instead of the name. Type in the category of business you are looking for (e.g. "Restaurant") and type in city and province/territory. All business listings are placed in categories to make it easier to locate.
I still cannot find the listing I want.
That number may be unlisted, or a new number and have not yet been updated in the directory.
What are cookies, and do you use them?
The newest dictionaries incorporating common technology slang describe "cookies" as small files a Web server stores on a user's computer in order to keep track of user patterns and preferences.™ makes limited use of exactly these kinds of cookies in order to provide personalized content and protect confidential user information.
Where does™ get its information?
We obtain our directory data from a broad variety of sources. Business and government listing information originates from publicly available local telephone records, business websites, as well as from third-party information providers. The real estate listing data is provided under copyright by the Toronto Regional Real Estate Board.

Frequently Asked Questions about GeoSites™

What is a GeoSite™?
A GeoSite™ is a specially targeted 2-3 page website that promotes a service that you sell in a specific geographic location a where you are looking for new customers.
I already have a website. Why do I need GeoSites™?
Unlike your website, GeoSites™ attract customers to you for specific services in targeted areas. Websites are great for generalized information. But GeoSites™ actually help you attract customers and sell them specific services.
What's an example of "services" and "selling areas?" I don't get it...
Sure! Imagine you are a plumber in Chicago, a lawyer in New York, or an auto mechanic in Los Angeles. How easy do you think it would be to get your website found by new customers? (Hint: there are 74,500 attorneys in Manhattan alone...) GeoSites™ promote like this:
Old Way GeoSite™ Way
"Plumber + Chicago" "Drain excavation + Schaumburg" OR "Basement flooding + East St. Louis"
"Attorney + Manhattan" "Estates and will + Central Park" OR "Business bankruptcy + Midtown Manhattan"
"Auto repair + Los Angeles" "Bentley service + Beverly Hills" OR "Toyota repair specialist + Pasadena"
GeoSites™ sound like keywords. Can't I just do this myself?
GeoSites™ are much more than keywords. They are specially built 3-page websites with all the information, design and elements required to attract customers to your services. We actually have four US patents on the process. They include SEO, coding – even the domains you'll need. By the way, the risk of doing this yourself is accidentally breaking the Google Webmaster rules and actually hurting your results. We make sure that doesn't happen.
I already have someone doing my SEO. Why do I need this?
GeoSites™ don't involve your SEO. If you are happy with your SEO, you should continue with it. GeoSites™ are a completely separate method proven to attract new customers for specific services in key selling areas. Unlike SEO, GeoSites™ are guaranteed to get you found at a low monthly price that doesn't increase or lock you in.