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Desmond Wade was born on the beautiful Island of Jamaica and migrated to Canada in 1989, however still preserving the strong Jamaican roots and culture. Being a member of a large family as well as having a family of his own, Desmond knows the importance of providing financial security for your loved ones. He takes pride in helping both new Canadians as well as those who’ve lived here for generations.

Desmond understands the uniqueness of individuals and their families. He recognizes that they experience various stages of life, that life is busy, and it’s difficult to find time to focus on finances. The most important step in providing clear financial solutions is understanding your needs.

As a Family Advisor, he is dedicated to helping families meet their financial goals. With over 25 years experience in the Greater Toronto Area, Desmond is passionate about assessing his clients' current and future situations and developing a realistic plan that will achieve their goals.

Whether you are single, have a family or own a business, Desmond can help you achieve lifetime financial security.

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