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Clearly InSight provides innovative, value added Video Security technologies to commercial, government, school clientele as well as residential properties while providing a high degree of personalized service. Our company was formed in January 2011. Clearly InSight concentrates on the main reason for video surveillance: Security and peace of mind for people and for their property using “Active Video Protection”.

Our camera systems have been installed in a wide range of business situations. Our Mobotix line of cameras can cover whole factory floors allowing safety supervisors to constantly monitor and promote best practices. We have also set up systems so that livestock farmers can monitor their stock continuously from the comfort of their homes. Clearly InSight has solutions for every fixed camera situation, from a discreet camera covering a door or window to one capable of license recognition at 150’ and further if required. We have systems actively protecting whole school divisions.

Consider school transportation. We have provided cameras for over 600 school buses across Canada protecting children and staff both on and off the vehicle. We have also developed systems for highway commercial vehicles which protect them in liability situations and are very useful in monitoring driver training. Camera systems can and have been put on everything from loaders and graders to recreational boats, private vehicles and snow machines. They all provide peace of mind to the operator, passenger and general public.


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