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I have been a doctor, I have been a patient, and today I am a certified Perfect Health instructor & NLP coach. My name is Suzy Almushcab, and this is my story.

Been a Doctor.

I remember the days of med school, the long nights of studying and exciting new experiences during my residency and working alongside my fellows during my fellowship. Opportunity is the word I can best describe those indescribable moments. Whether it was the opportunity of going to that specific university that gave me that wonderful team, or when both my children were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes which pushed me to create an opportunity to specialize in pediatric endocrinology, the way I perceived things then lead to my decisions that brought me here today. Perception is the forefront of change, because, when you change the way you look at things, things you look at change. We are always changing, from our clothes to our thoughts and down to the smallest of our cells, we are constantly in motion and/or set in motion by a multitude of things.

Been a Patient

This part of life was by far the biggest motivator that set in motion the pursuit of Ayeruveda, Complication complication, those words would haunt me over the years of this phase. After many of them, surgeries to pills, surgeries and pills, pills and pills for and to prevent complications, it got complicated. My last complication encounter came with my retirement as a pediatric endocrinologist as I felt unfit to manage those wonderful children whom I miss very much. I had lost clarity and sense of self, numbed out by all the meds I was on. When everything was in disorder, I sought out one thing: Happiness. In this disorder I found clarity, and was able to put my pieces back in order, the way I chose to. This was my calling, an opportunity to configure myself again.


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