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Our History

Many years ago, a young man had a dream. He didn’t know how to go about this dream but was sure one day he would find it. He wasn’t good at a lot of things, but he wanted to be successful at something he was good at. He hopped from job to job, never satisfied and always quitting, until the day he got hired by a moving company.

It was surprising at how quickly he got promoted in the company, and with this act, he quickly figured out what he was good at. He left the company in good faith and decided to start a moving company of his own. He assembled a team of experienced and well-rounded individuals to begin this journey with him and with time they began to grow. Till this day, they are still growing, helping families and businesses all over the country, and most importantly – doing what they are good at. The dream of the young man had finally come true, becoming successful at something he was good at was all he could ask for. Today, he is proud to run the well-known moving company – NK Movers.

What we are

NK Movers has been a choice of many Canadians over the past years. Whether the move is local, or international, we are the movers of your choice. Over the years, our methods of providing a quality service have improved. We have now developed a team of experts that work diligently to minimize all the stress you might be going through. We understand all the pressures of moving and the differences between families, so you can count on us as your trusted company.

NK Movers has moved many families and every move is unique. There is an endless list of things to take into consideration when moving. We successfully cater to most needs due to our experience a wide variety of clients. Whether it’s a short distance move or a long one, planning a relocation is a significant and life-changing event one undertakes. We understand the challenges that residents and corporations face when relocating and apply our knowledge and experiences in all business interactions in order to ensure the best moving experience for our clients.


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