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Our history at Mica Energy Solutions

Established in 2009, the Mica Energy Solutions Inc. has been making the homes of people in the Greater Toronto Area and in the Durham Region more comfortable with every installation, check-up, maintenance work and repair. The company specializes in hydronic, heating, cooling and solar systems and there is no project which cannot be taken on and handled with workmanship and dedication.

Some of the challenges in the industry consist of making modern systems work for traditional houses, in adapting old systems to innovations, in bringing technology and a new standard of living into the homes of people in the Greater Toronto Area and in Durham, without forcing them to remodel and change their homes completely.

Our mission at Mica Energy Solutions

Our business is built on the “Customer-for-Life” philosophy, meaning that once you start working with us, we will do our best to become your “to-go” guys whenever some planned or urgent intervention is needed. This means fair evaluations, solid advice, working with only the best of products and doing great follow-up on all of the projects for valuable workmanship and product feedback.

Apart from experience, one of the main advantages to being on the market for long is the fact that you get to see how your work fairs in time and that you know what to build on when you want to improve, what keeps customers coming back to you and recommending you.

Our services at Mica Energy Solutions

We install and service residential heating systems such as: radiant in-floor, driveway snow melts, high efficiency boilers, high efficiency furnaces, solar hot water and cooling systems such as: ductless air conditioning, high and low velocity attic based air conditioning and standard air conditioning. As for the commercial side of our business we install and service rooftop units, make-up air units, commercial boilers and commercial hot water tanks.

This offers us a lot of opportunities to know what works where, when is it time to make an upgrade, what can be made to work for a while longer. Our job provides us with constant chances to educate ourselves and we always like to give some pointers and useful tips to our clients, so as to make the best use of what they just had installed.

Keeping in mind budgets and house restrictions are our means of thinking on our feet and in a realistic manner. We discovered that clients appreciate the down-to-earth approach, so we intend to keep it. Thank you for visiting us and considering MICA Energy Solutions Inc. for your next project. We look forward to working with you in the near future.


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