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I Asked Myself, Is This My Best Destiny?

One sunny afternoon, I was out flying with a friend when the plane malfunctioned over a body of water and crashed. I gasped in shock and instantly my mouth was filled with water. My first reaction was to cough the water out, but I was already under water and decided it was safer to swallow it. There I was, upside-down, strapped into my seat with the plane totally submerged in water. My seat belt wouldn’t release and I started to panic, knowing that I was going to drown. My life flashed before my eyes and I recalled all the most important moments of my life. Deep inside I heard myself say “NO! I don’t want this destiny.” I felt determined to find a way to change my future. Seconds seemed like minutes as I fought to undo my seatbelt while trying not to choke on the cold water. I held onto the single-minded decision that I was not going to let myself die in that plane crash.

Life always offers us more than one possible future. Our inclination is to take the first option that is offered because it’s all that we can see. We don’t realize that we can accept what life offers us or we can refuse it and ask for a different/better option. One that suits the direction we want to go. If we passively accept what we are offered by life, we must accept the limitations that come with that option, as if it were our own choice.

I believe that if you focus on what you want and claim it, then allow life deliver it, you will be given an even better option. When life delivers that new option or opportunity, say yes and move towards it. Life will then magnetize conditions around you and draw to you the resources, circumstances and even the people you need to move you towards your new destiny. I know this from my own personal experience.

Ever since that day I vowed to help others find their best option when life throws them into a tailspin. I’m here to help you get untangled from what is holding you in place and shift your mindset so that you draw to you new circumstances that give you your best destiny, even when you can’t see it. I’m here to guide you to it.


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