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When Maureen Brand watched a video of a 15 year old girl teaching her friends how to use cloth menstrual pads, she wondered "If that kid is using cloth pads, then why shouldn't I?"

And she's never looked back!

The journey to using cloth menstrual pads has been a quick one. After whipping up some pads in her basement from left-over material, Maureen hasn't used disposable pads since. The comfort was immediate. The cost savings immediate. The desire to share this with other women was immediate. (Have you ever met a woman excited to talk about her period?! Maureen was!!)

A lunch date with an old friend eventually lead to discussion of some serious rash and irritation from disposable pads. A set of pads was sewn that night and put in the mail. Not only did the pads solve a problem for one woman, it sparked interest in her mother who needed light incontinence coverage. She too received care package of pads in the mail. ‚ÄčAnd a business was born.

Garden of Eden began with using quality materials and a keen interest in developing and adapting pad patterns to help women make the most of their purchases.

It has expanded to include "period panties", incontinence underwear for men and women, amazing bamboo nursing pads, and a few other goodies you won't find other places. Always the focus is on quality materials and workmanship, with classic patterns that you'll be happy to wear for years to come.


Reusable cloth menstrual pads, Reusable cloth incontinence pads, Bamboo waterproof nursing pads, Period underwear, Waterproof toddler training pants

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