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Waterproofing protects the structure of your home

Waterproofing protects the structure of your home from the outside Greater Toronto Area elements as well as from the potential damage that moisture can cause once it gets inside. The relentless effects of weather or rising groundwater on your home are what cause water damage, whether it be from heavy rains or rapidly melting snow or stifling Toronto humidity. It may not seem like something such as humidity could cause your home structural damage, but when left un-prevented this extreme weather element can,  in fact, wreak havoc on your house.

Not only does waterproofing prevent your home from needing significant repairs down the road, groundwater it also helps prevent health problems that come about from the presence of mould and damp walls. Once, fact, spores begin to grow within your home’s structure they will make their way into your house where you live and circulate through your air units. This means that your family will be breathing unsafe air on a regular basis. Mould is not the only problem of a home that isn’t waterproofed. Insects and rodents are also drawn to warm damp areas. So, an unsealed house is one that they too want to call “home”.

A Toronto house that has not been properly waterproofed is just waiting to give you problems and hefty repair bills. In the long run, it is going to cost you more to fix these reoccurring problems than it is to invest in prevention. Waterproofing is an investment that will save you headaches and frustration in the long run.


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