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Cambridge Leaf is an Educational Institute established to meet the needs of growing kids in grade 1-8.

Our core philosophy is Expression-Education-Individuality.

While we focus on developing your child’s aptitude for better academic prospects, we don’t undermine how important it is to be creative in today’s times.

Our educational practices and strategies are centred on bringing the best out of your child.

We concentrate on making your child an independent, assertive, enthusiastic, well-informed and compassionate student who’s keen on acquiring more knowledge.

We give your child the environment he/she needs to grow and develop personally.

We have a beautiful campus sprawling over 16, 000 sq. ft, and we are equipped with everything that your child may require.

Our vast playground gives your kids the space they need to be their real, athletic and physically active self.

We understand that some kids may not have the natural inclination towards physical activities which is why we maintain engaging facilities for everyone.

We help your child engage their interest areas at our school and strengthen their knowledge so they can pursue their dreams without inhibitions.

Anil Sehgal, our Chief Managing Director is a veteran with extensive international experience in the field of academics.

Shweta Nanda, the Chief Operating Officer handles numerous responsibilities and has decades of experience in managing academic establishments across the world.

The Trinity comes armed with decades of experience in scholastic development.

At Cambridge Leaf, we nurture young minds and help them develop an in-depth understanding of practical and theoretical concepts.

We have a very supportive environment that helps the students in opening up and embracing learning as part of their routine.

We understand that working with younger kids is generally hard. This is why we have a whole fleet of teachers armed with extensive experience and knowledge. We often personalize methods of learning and assist students to embrace the knowledge fully through creative means.

We understand that students spend hours learning and studying at the School so the thought of spending another couple of hours at the After School program may sound quite discouraging or unattractive.

But our After School program is everything but unattractive and uninteresting.

The methods of teaching used at our school breed curiosity among students. We train and teach kids to never stop learning.

In addition to scholastic development, we also encourage the ethical and moral development of the students and follow several measures to initiate learning.

We help your children grow socially, emotionally and creatively while also enjoying the diverse joys of a student’s life and cultivating new interests and fostering friendships.


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