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“Better Self - Psychotherapy & Counselling” is the private practice of Registered Psychotherapist Halyna Batsoura. Halyna is an experienced therapist who has also had a career in software development. She concluded that for her, helping people live better lives through improved mental health is more rewarding and fulfilling than a career outside of the health and wellness field. Each client is unique, and Halyna will customize her counselling approach based on your individual needs, challenges, and goals. She also understands that your goals can be fluid and are likely to be refined throughout your therapy. As you start to feel better, your increased confidence and improved disposition can lead to new and more ambitious goals, which can help you succeed in many areas of your life. The first step to psychotherapy is understanding your mental health challenges. Perhaps your need or desire for psychotherapy is triggered by a traumatic life event, anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, or a diagnosis of bipolar disorder. These are all important reasons why you should pursue therapy and arrange a consultation with Registered Psychotherapist Halyna Batsoura. The “Better Self - Psychotherapy & Counselling” office is in a convenient central location on Sheppard Avenue just west of Yonge Street in Toronto, ON. Contact the office today to speak with Halyna. It’s time to discover your better self.


Personal Growth Counselling, Therapy for Depression, Therapy for Anxiety, Couple Therapy, Therapy for Bipolar Disorder, and Help After Accident

Hours of Operation
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Languages Spoken
English, Russian, Ukrainian

Payment Options
Cheque, Cash, Bank Wire transfers