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At Ashmeade Fitness, we match clients to personal trainers across the Greater Toronto Area. Tell us your town, we will find the perfect trainer for you.

Like most life changes, getting in shape it isn’t so easy at first. However, by setting short and long-term goals, you stand a much better chance of maximizing your success. This is true in any field, whether you are a beginner or an experienced pro. The 90-day challenge is a great way to achieve results that are both reasonable and tangible, so that you and everyone else can see that your efforts are paying off. Three months also gives your body time to adapt to the lifestyle changes and begin to form new and healthier habits.

Thinking too far ahead can be very daunting and discouraging and can cause people to quit before they really get started. 90 days is that “ideal” time period that most people can commit to and through that period they will see results to feel accomplished and motivated to continue!

So give yourself a 90-day challenge. Whether it's gaining weight, losing weight, getting stronger, reducing body fat, running faster and/or longer…. whatever it is, just keep challenging yourself and pushing yourself to your fullest potential. At the end of it, you can say you did your best and gave it your all!

If you are interested in starting a 90-day challenge, call or email us we'll help you set up it a.s.a.p.!


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