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At Abrasive Blasting and Coatings Corp., we are committed to health and safety along with our outstanding attention to detail for a high quality finished product that will protect and maintain your assets for the future. We have years of experience and a passion and dedication for our work and service.

Catering to your specifications, budget and working requirements we will arrive at your desired outcome, leaving the job site cleaner than when we arrived, satisfaction guaranteed!

For the removal of rust and old existing coatings to a bare metal surface as well as cleaning cement, brick and building exteriors, wet abrasive blasting is perfect. Also known as vapor blasting, by injecting moist abrasive into the airflow, this uses just enough water to suppress the dust level by up to 92%. Also, this process uses 75% less abrasive material than sandblasting. The results are faster and more effective than old traditional sandblasting and is way more environmentally friendly.

Our coating systems are the best, they are extremely durable to extend the life of your assets as well as making them shine to give off your best appeal.

We look forward to servicing all of your surface restoration needs!


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